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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fursty Friday – Week 7

A few months ago when I went to visit former colleagues at City of York Council they’d not long moved into swish new office accommodation (converted railway company premises and a former station) on Station Rise.

It was a move designed to make for an improved and more efficient working environment and to save money rather than having staff scattered all over the city. I must admit I had rather a soft spot for my old basement office at St Leonard’s Place even with its limited views of passing buses and people’s feet!    

It’s mere coincidence that the new office block is just round the corner from the York Brewery on Toft Green and no coincidence at all that I’ve chosen this week’s pint as Yorkshire Terrier as yesterday was Yorkshire Day. Apparently one of the original brewers at York used to take his little terrier dog into work and tied him up to the mash tun. The dog also gives its name to the pub in Stonegate, where, on occasion in the past, I enjoyed the odd pint or two of said brew.

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